We are an Internet Cooperative, made up of volunteers who provide a myriad of services related to the Internet. We are physically located in Fairfax, VA, and serve customers in Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale, Falls Church, Front Royal, Chantilly, Ashburn, Herndon, Reston, Leesburg, McLean, Great Falls, Springfield, Manassas, Woodbridge, Dulles and others across both Virginia and Maryland.

General Membership

We offer General Membership to people who are simply interested in the Internet. We offer the basics, such as dialup, shell, FTP, mail and other general services, and for the advanced, we will always consider requests to install the latest and greatest.

Our web server runs Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl and we’ve even run Python before. We use Postfix as our mail system, and have two Symantec anti-spam appliances that protect us from spam.

General Membership: $232/year. 1)

Best Effort Personal Colocation

DC has some great colocation, but it is expensive, and all you need for personal colo is power, ethernet and cooling. We deliver cheap, as in low cost, Best Effort Colocation, free from contracts, SLAs and promises, starting at USD$40/month.


You Get You DON’T Get
Cooling Uninterruptible power (BYO UPS)
150GB/month Bandwidth2) SLAs
Power Guaranteed Uptime
Up to 4U of Rackspace 24 hour access to your box
Backup mail and DNS services Remote Hands
Symantec Anti-Spam Services
Low Price

In exchange for all the things you don’t get, you don’t get charged much.

Rate Schedule

Box Size Monthly Cost Annual Cost
1-2 U rack-mountable box $40/month $440/year
3-4 U rack-mountable box $60/month $660/year
Non-rack-mountable box $70/month $770/year

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Just Email Services

We have two Symantec anti-spam appliances. You can use ‘em. We’re assuming that:

  • You have your own mail server and mailboxes and such that you control somewhere else (for instance another hosting provider).
  • You control your MX (mail exchanger) records in DNS

We offer 3 possible services you might enjoy

Domain-Level Spam Filtering: $50/Year

You list our mail servers in your DNS zones as your MX records. We filter the mail through our Symantec anti-spam, anti-virus systems. Stuff that is not spam / virus mail is then sent directly to your mail server.

Take a look at our Anti-Spam Service description for more information.

Backup MX Services: $15/year

We will store and forward your email if your primary mail server goes down. Normally your email will go straight to your mail servers, but if your server is down, we will accept mail for you, store it, and eventually send it to you when your mail server comes up. You list our servers as secondary MX records in DNS.

The charge is $15/year per customer, not per domain. No limits on bandwidth, number of messages, data size, etc.

Secondary DNS Servers: $5/year/domain

We act as a secondary DNS server for your domains. We’ll accept IXFR or AXFR style zone transfers from a DNS server you designate.

Bandwidth serves both a small datacenter as well as the entire FPA staff and members. We have a 10mbps fiber optic connection with Cox Communications with a 4 hour guaranteed SLA.

2) We’re pretty relaxed about bandwidth usage and monitoring. But if you go crazy we tend to take pretty draconian measures and then call you to work something out.

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