Nova Meeting August 6, 2013

We met at Spacebar in Falls Church at 8pm Tuesday August 6, 2013. In Attendance:

  1. Peter Beckman
  2. Matt Rowley
  3. Danny Olewine
  4. Richard Morani
  5. Charlotte Yakovleff
  6. Dave Bainum
  7. Jeremy Schneider

Next meeting will be October 1, 2013 at 8pm at Spacebar.

Core Services

  • Web
    • SSL: one IP per domain, encourage all domain holders to use an IP
    • FTP: Security should be higher here, but keep it around
  • Mail
    • TLS/SSL: Continue to encourage and teach our customers the value
    • POP/IMAP: Keep it flowing
    • Webmail: Zimbra was mentioned; other options? Just contributed to the mailpile project:
    • Anti-spam: As long as Matt is down with it, we’ll use Proofpoint
  • DNS
    • Admin-managed DNS, offering onsite and offsite primary and secondary DNS

2013 Goals

  • An IP with SSH running on all ports to enable customers to circumvent firewalls
  • OpenVPN Endpoint
  • IPv6 Support
  • [De]Centralized User Management and Auth, Configuration Management.
    • Options: Puppet, Fabric, Salt, Ansible, LDAP
  • Improved Onsite and Offsite Monitoring. Nagios, statsd (, graphing
  • Get Nova Multihomed and submit IPv4 Space Application for a /22
  • Audit and begin billing our non-FPA customers directly
  • Power/UPS (I think this is already done for core services)
  • logstash
  • Get more Colo customers
  • Increase Bandwidth on Cox

Actions by Next Meeting

  • Charlotte, Jeremy: Audit membership list, who’s paying $180 who shouldn’t be, who’s getting service that shouldn’t be. Also, we should find out if FPA tenants are being billed for Nova.
  • Danny, Matt: Audit Best-Effort and Core Colo Rooms.
  • Danny, Matt, Beckman, Jeremy(?): Start to build out KVM cluster, plan configuration and layout.
  • Danny: Ethernet Patch Panels at the top of each rack for the 4 main racks?
  • Dave: Deliver Cisco OnPlus to Danny for a Network Audit
  • Danny, Matt, Beckman: Plan out IPv4 use to ensure ARIN usage requirements are met
  • Beckman: Outline Admin Hazing/Onboarding Process

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