Migration from omega/members to new web


  • Many directories in /access are silly and have not been touched in years. All dates, with a few exceptions, are still dated Dec 30 2001. Most of these will not be migrated to the new server.
  • /access/www/data/* will move to /usr/local/www/vhosts/*
  • /home/

Services to Migrate

  • Web
    • Commands:
      • rsync -aHucx –progress –stats -e ssh ./* root@web.nova.org:/home/
  • FTP
    • Installed NcFTPd v 2.8.3, migrated configs from members
    • tested, /home/ftp waiting to be created by rsync
  • SSH
    • Installed, Tested

Web Tasklist

  1. Install Apache
  2. Install PHP
  3. Install PHP modules
  4. Install Secure Cert, set up secure.nova.org
  5. Install MySQL
  6. Migrate MySQL DB tables
  7. Figure out why mod_proxy isn’t installed (needed to define WITH_PROXY_MODULES) when building from ports
  8. Migrate configuration
  9. rsync home directories, /access/www
  10. Test vhosts using HOSTS file on your own machine

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