Anti-Spam Services

E-Mail Security Services

Nova.Org provides both anti-spam and anti-virus mail defense.

Anti-Spam Protection

We have a Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway appliance. The gateway uses Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation, a combination of local, predictive behavioral data and globally-observed reputation to block incoming connections from malicious IP addresses.

For connections that are accepted by the gateway they will be analyzed by the Proofpoint Spam Detection engine. Messages that are categorized as Spam will be blocked and Quarantined. Email Digests with web access to the Quarantine are available to members who wish to check the Quarantine for a False Positive.

Anti-Virus Protection

The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway appliance has integrated Anti-Virus protection from F-Secure and Zero Hour Anti-Virus protection from Commtouch.

The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway scans outbound mail from the, and all its hosted domains, for viruses. If you receive a message from the system that you have sent a virus, it is recommended that you have your system checked for viruses and malware.

Protection for YOUR Domain

If you are one of our Colocation customers, the anti-spam service is included in your colocation package. Just tell us the domains to protect and what mail server receives the clean mail.

If you have your domain hosted somewhere else, you can still get our anti-spam service for $50/year per customer. That’s right. We don’t charge per domain. We charge per YOU. Whether you run your own personal domain for just you, or you run a small family server with a dozen of your friends and family on it, we just charge you once. If you’ve got a bunch of domains (many of us geeks have 2 dozen each), it’s still just the one charge1).

1) Let’s not get carried away. This is the spirit of our agreement. We reserve the right to change the pricing depending on the bandwidth and CPU consumption of your domains. The average person, however, will be priced exactly this way.

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