Dialup Service Discontinued

On August 14th, 2008, the hardware we use to support Dialup users failed. The contract for the PRI which we’ve kept to support the dial pool expires at the end of October, and it costs us more each month than we receive in revenue.

We’ve considered replacing the service and outsourcing it, but at the current usage rates, that too would cause Nova to lose money. In the end, it makes the most sense for continuing operations to fully discontinue our dialup service.

In order to ease the transition, we are offering you free support to help you transition to another provider. We’ve also done some homework, and have found 3 different companies that will offer a better service for less money for dialup Internet access.

ISP Name Monthly Cost Hours Support $3.95/month 150 hours None $5.40/month 120 hours Phone, Web, Email $5.50/month 150 hours Web, Email

As a result of turning off a service you’ve used in the past, we are happy to offer you FREE support in getting your computer set up on any other dialup service you choose. If you would rather discontinue your account with, we will allow you to terminate your service with us, and offer you a pro-rated refund of any fees you paid for our services. Requests for account termination and pro-rated refund must be made to by October 15, 2008. We hope you’ll choose to stay!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please email if you need assistance in setting up your new dialup settings.

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