How to set up your web site

Setting it up

To get started, send email to requesting that your home page and shell account be activated. Your www/shell account name will be made the same as your email account name. All member home pages currently live on the host Members requesting an account will be given Telnet and FTP access under their account name on this host. Place your .html or .htm files in a directory called public_html. Make sure the file at the top of your html tree is called (index.html, index.htm). If you do not know what FTP access is or how to FTP file, get yourself a book on the basics of the internet.

Your Personal URL

If your login ID for email and access is bsmith, then this is the URL that will point to your personal home page:

If you got a custom domain (for example then you probably still use the public_html directory described above, but your url will be whatever you have registered. (e.g.

Getting Help

The FCAC technical staff is not a good place to ask for help on how to set up your personal home web page. There are many places to go on the web today to get free help, and the technical staff has their hands full just trying to keep the servers running. Maybe try Getting started on the World Wide Web

Reporting Problems

If you think there is a problem with the web server, or have specific technical questions about server operations or capabilities, send a note to FCAC technical staff. This is the kinda thing that makes life better for us all, and what we particularly enjoy working on.

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