Web and Shell Services

A bit about how to login on the web server, set up your web site, and the restrictions for use.
  • The members.nova.org Web Server top page as a reference.
  • How to request FPA WWW Members Services.
  • To request activation of UNIX shell service, send email to technical@nova.org.

Facts about the FCAC members server

  • CPU is a Dual Pentium III 500 with 256M Memory. :?:
  • Operating system is FreeBSD
  • The WWW server software is Apache
  • For requests about this server send email to webmaster@nova.org

Policies of the FPA Members Web Server

  • Do not use more than 100M of diskspace. This includes all html, any logfiles, and other files found in your home directory.
  • This system is supported only in so much that webmasters can do the work in their spare time.
  • All members with their own domain name may request that a virtual host name be created to point to their page. For example http://www.your-company-here.com. Other virtual host names for the local pages of the members are handled by request on a case-by-case basis. E.g. http://super.nova.org
  • FPA does NOT offer a commerical level of web service for its members. That means NO support and if your page statistics reach a level of very high use, you may be asked to leave.
  • Individual page statistics using the analog reporting software may be run on request. :?:
  • UNIX shell access available to this system upon request.
  • This server belongs to us all. Do not abuse the privilege.

Help Manuals of the FCAC Members WWW Server

  • Apache Manual. Read this if you want to know what this server is capable of doing.
  • Analog Readme. It is possible to further customize the statistics reports if you read and understand the analog program. Read here and familiarize yourself, build a config file and run analog. You can do this from the unix prompt. The log files are located in /var/www/log.

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